Wisconsin State Approved Chiropractic Online CE Courses

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Wisconsin Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

  • Biennial Requirement: 40 hours every 2 years, due by December 14th in even-numbered years.

  • Online Courses: Wisconsin currently does not allow online chiropractic continuing education courses. Please register for free to be notified of any changes to these requirements.

New Licensee Information

New chiropractic licensees in Wisconsin are exempt from CEU requirements during their first biennial renewal cycle.

Reporting Your Chiropractic CE Courses in Wisconsin

Licensees are required to fill out a State Board form that lists each CE course completed.


Information presented here is based on the most recent data and subject to change. Wisconsin chiropractic licensees are responsible for staying up-to-date with state requirements.

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Note: Always check the most current Wisconsin requirements for chiropractic continuing education to ensure compliance.

CLICK HERE to view the online chiropractic requirements & guidelines for Wisconsin

Wisconsin Chiropractic Online Continuing Education Courses

Live Webinars
There are no live webinars accredited for this state.

Online Courses
There are no online courses accredited in this state.