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Unveiling the Art of Acupuncture in Chiropractic Care: Acupuncture 201 - Needle Technique | Online Chiropractic CE

image of acupuncture treatment on our online chiropractic ce pageCCEDseminars | Your Prime Destination For Online Chiropractic CE!Welcome to CCEDseminars, the leading platform for Online chiropractic CE courses, where we are excited to introduce "Acupuncture 201: Needle Technique," an innovative online course designed for chiropractic professionals. This course, expertly led by Stephen Tranter, DC, is meticulously crafted to elevate your acupuncture skills to new heights. Explore our online chiropractic CE Library!

Course Essentials:

  • Online Format: Accessible and flexible, our online course format allows you to learn at your own pace and convenience.
  • Course Tuition: Priced at an affordable $40.00, this course is a cost-effective way to advance your skills.
  • Credit Hours: Earn 2 online chiropractic CE credit hours upon completion.
  • Global Accreditation: Our course is widely recognized, with accreditation in numerous states across the USA, Canadian provinces, and international regions.

Why Choose Acupuncture 201?

phot of Dr. TranterYour Instructor | Dr. TranterOur course delves deep into the critical aspects of needle technique in acupuncture. You'll learn about clean needle technique, safe point selection, and how to ensure patient comfort during treatments. The course also covers essential "Drain The Pain" points for addressing common pain complaints.

Interactive Learning Experience:

At CCEDseminars, we understand the value of interactive learning. Our course includes detailed video presentations, downloadable PDF notes, and hands-on practice sessions. Plus, with our online meeting room, you can easily connect with the instructor for real-time interactions. Looking for more of Dr. Tranter's Courses?

Bundle Offers: Save More!

  • 6-9 Hours Bundle: Use code “6hbc” for a 10% discount on a selection of live webinars and recorded classes.
  • 10+ Hours Bundle: Use code “10hbc” for a 20% discount, applicable to our extensive range of courses.

Enroll Today:

Don't miss this opportunity to refine your acupuncture skills with CCEDseminars. Enroll in "Acupuncture 201: Needle Technique" today and take the first step towards enhancing your chiropractic practice. Visit CCEDseminars for more details and to register. Get started NOW!


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