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The Paleo Diet and Type 2 Diabetes: A Clinical Research Study Reveals Promising Results

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Type 2 diabetes is a prevalent health condition affecting millions of people worldwide. With the rising interest in natural dietary approaches to manage diabetes, the Paleo Diet has gained attention for its resemblance to the eating habits of pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer ancestors. In a recent clinical research study, the Paleo Diet demonstrated significant improvements in glucose control and lipid profiles among patients with Type 2 Diabetes. This blog post will delve into the study's findings and highlight the potential benefits of chiropractic nutrition courses for healthcare professionals seeking to incorporate evidence-based dietary approaches into their practice.

The Paleo Diet and the Clinical Research Study

The objective of the study, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2015, was to investigate whether adopting a diet similar to that of pre-agricultural hunter-gatherer ancestors, commonly known as the 'Paleolithic' diet, could impart health benefits to individuals with Type 2 Diabetes. The researchers conducted an outpatient metabolically controlled diet study involving 14 participants following the Paleo Diet and 10 participants following the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet recommendations.

The Paleo Diet group consumed lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts, while avoiding added salt and sugars. In contrast, the ADA diet group consumed non-Paleolithic type foods, including cereal grains, dairy or legumes, with moderate salt intake, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and legumes.

Research Findings

The study revealed notable improvements in metabolic measures in both groups. However, the participants following the Paleo Diet experienced greater benefits in glucose control and lipid profiles compared to those on the ADA diet. Moreover, among the most insulin-resistant subjects in the Paleo Diet group, there was a significant improvement in insulin sensitivity. In contrast, the most insulin-resistant subjects in the ADA diet group did not experience a similar effect.

Sustainability of the Paleo Diet

One critical aspect highlighted in the study was the sustainability of the Paleo Diet. Researchers found that patients who perceived the diet as easily maintainable in the long term were more likely to achieve positive outcomes. As with any dietary approach, focusing on sustainability and the individual's lifestyle and needs is essential for long-term success.

Implications for Chiropractic Nutrition Courses

The positive outcomes of the clinical research study on the Paleo Diet underscore the potential benefits of incorporating evidence-based dietary approaches into healthcare practices, especially within the chiropractic field. Chiropractors who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in nutrition can benefit from specialized chiropractic nutrition courses.

CCEDSeminars: A Hub for Chiropractic Nutrition Education

At CCEDSeminars, we offer a diverse range of clinical nutrition courses specially designed for chiropractors seeking to enhance their understanding of nutrition's role in promoting overall well-being. With over 100 hours of approved online chiropractic CE courses, chiropractors can access evidence-based nutrition education to complement their practice.

Our Nutrition courses cover a wide array of topics, including the Paleo Diet, its potential benefits for managing Type 2 Diabetes, and other relevant dietary approaches. As a globally recognized provider of chiropractic CE, our courses are approved by Boards around the world, ensuring chiropractors can access quality education no matter their location.

For those looking to delve deeper into nutrition expertise, CCEDSeminars offers the Certified Chiropractic Nutrition program. This comprehensive program equips chiropractors with the knowledge and skills to provide evidence-based nutritional guidance to their patients effectively.


The clinical research study on the Paleo Diet's impact on Type 2 Diabetes showcases promising results for glucose control and lipid profiles. As healthcare professionals continue to explore natural approaches to manage chronic conditions, chiropractors can benefit from specialized nutrition education. CCEDSeminars offers a wide selection of chiropractic nutrition courses, empowering chiropractors to incorporate evidence-based dietary approaches into their practice and enhance patient outcomes. For those interested in advancing their knowledge, the Certified Chiropractic Nutrition program provides a comprehensive pathway to becoming an expert in chiropractic nutrition. Embrace the power of evidence-based nutrition education and elevate your chiropractic practice to new heights. Thank you for visiting CCEDSeminars!

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