Chiro Online CE: Your Guide to Honest & Transparent Personal Injury Case Handling Posted on Sep 18, 2023

Set the Stage for Honesty and Transparency: Navigating Chiro Online CE in Personal Injury Cases


Image of Doctor documenting PI case on our Online Chiro Blog Post CCEDseminars | Your #1 Destination For Online Chiro Training! In the challenging landscape of personal injury (PI) cases, mastering the art and science of coding, charging, and billing are pivotal for chiropractors. Guided by honesty and transparency, chiropractors can facilitate the attorney in substantiating a patient’s claim in a lawsuit while ensuring their fees are verifiable and reasonable. The ultimate goal is to remain unchallenged by the stakeholders involved including the patients, their attorneys, and the defendant’s insurance adjuster. Let's dive into the essential steps and strategies to navigate chiro online CE with verifiable, reasonable fees and proper coding, all while fostering transparency.

Setting Verifiable and Reasonable Fees

Understanding the Tactical Approach of Attorneys

Chiropractors must be prepared for scrutiny and potential attacks on their fees and charges, which often come as a tactic from both sides involved in a PI case. By establishing and defending reasonable fees from the outset, chiropractors can assist the attorney in fighting against insurance adjusters, fostering a shield against post-settlement bill attacks. Pearl: Generally, the 80% is considered acceptable!

Determining the Factors for Reasonable Fees

Utilizing sources like usual, customary, reasonable (UCR) publications or online platforms such as FAIR Health Consumer can aid in setting reasonable fees based on various factors including healthcare specialization, geographical location, personalized treatment plan, and others. Click HERE for a valuable resource!

Leveraging Information to Your Advantage

Sharing fee comparisons and past full bill payments with the patients and their attorneys at the onset of the treatment can be a game-changer. Moreover, sending monthly statements can serve as a preemptive measure against post-settlement attacks.

Proper Coding in PI Cases

Understanding the Art and Science of Coding

Coding in PI cases is a nuanced process demanding a comprehensive understanding of the codes, combinations, and modifiers to use. It's pivotal to steer clear of improper codes to maintain the case's value in the eyes of the adjuster. Click HERE for am essential resource!

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Steer clear of redundant modalities and upcoding, while being cautious with the number of codes listed to avoid accusations of bill padding. You documentation is eather your friend or foe! Click HERE for you ticket to Bullet Proof Documentation!

Implementing Trauma-Related Codes

Using trauma and related codes not only make sense but can potentially elevate the value of a PI case.

Embracing Transparency

Building Trust and Credibility

In the current climate of skepticism surrounding medical bills and mandates, adopting transparency can be your strongest defense, helping you foster truth and build trust with your clients.

Promoting Transparency in Your Practice

As a mentor in the chiro online CE realm, I advocate for transparency in various facets including clear communication on fee structures, compliance with the No Surprises Act, and providing good faith estimates to the patients.


In the evolving landscape of chiro online CE, establishing a foundation of honesty and transparency sets the stage for a successful and harmonious pathway. By setting verifiable and reasonable fees, coding properly, and being transparent, chiropractors not only defend their practice but foster a relationship built on trust and ethics, thus ensuring a seamless process in personal injury cases. Build A Power PI Practice! Click HERE for a key resource!

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