Chiropractic and Running: Guiding Patients for Maximum Benefits and Fewer Injuries: Up You Game With Chiropractic CE Credits Online! Posted on Sep 12, 2023

Chiropractic and running resonate seamlessly when it comes to fostering patients' well-being through apt technique and footwear, coupled with vital lower-body exercises. As a chiropractic community, we hold the onus of guiding and supervising our patients to leverage the myriad benefits of running while avoiding the pitfalls that come with ill-preparedness.

image of female runner on our chiropractic ce credits online pageCCEDseminars | Chiropractic CE Credits Online!Identifying the Red Flags

Before embarking on a new exercise regimen, it is crucial for patients to consult with their chiropractic doctor, especially if they have underlying health concerns. Highlighting red flags such as symptoms related to heart, lung, or other severe illnesses, ensures a safer pathway to achieving their fitness goals.

Lower Extremities Examination: The Starting Point

A meticulous examination of the lower extremities forms the backbone of a successful chiropractic and running plan. Focusing on precise alignment and identifying any abnormalities are vital steps towards building a resilient and injury-proof body for running. Check out our Chiropractic CE Credits Online for more information!

Chiropractic and Running: Stabilizing the Foundation

Introducing custom three-arch orthotics can remarkably stabilize postural alignments, providing a more balanced and supported foundation for your patients. Such interventions are fundamental in helping your patients adhere to their New Year resolutions of amplifying physical activity in 2023.

Adopting Proper Technique to Ward off Injuries

Understanding and implementing the correct technique while exercising can be a game-changer in reducing injury risk. Squats, for instance, have become a pivotal exercise in fitness regimens. However, ensuring safety while performing deep squats, which involves flexing the knee beyond 90 degrees, is paramount to avoid knee instability and other potential injuries.

Moreover, exercises involving forward flexion should be undertaken with careful consideration to avoid exacerbating existing back pain issues. Encouraging a neutral spine position during such exercises can substantially reduce the detrimental forces acting on the spine, fostering a safer and more beneficial exercise routine.

The Unbeatable Duo: Chiropractic and Running

As chiropractic professionals, our guidance in sculpting a patient's running routine can pave the way for a healthier, happier life. By assisting them in maintaining proper techniques and adopting appropriate measures, we can facilitate a journey characterized by triumph and devoid of injuries.

The right blend of chiropractic expertise and a well-planned running regimen can be the cornerstone of a fulfilling and injury-free exercise journey. Let’s guide our patients in embracing the rejuvenating path of chiropractic and running with the right technique, the best-suited footwear, and a series of lower-body exercises tailored to their needs. Up your game with our Chiropractic CE Credits Online!


Running paired with chiropractic guidance can be a boon for your patients, ushering them towards a pathway of enhanced fitness and reduced injuries. By delineating the red flags and emphasizing a detailed lower extremities examination, we can foster a community of healthy, happy runners.

Join hands with CCEDseminars to delve deeper into the nuances of chiropractic care and equip yourself with the expertise to guide your patients towards a successful running regimen. Let's run towards a healthier future, step by step, with the right guidance and the perfect pair of running shoes.

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