Chiropractic CE Credits Online: Bridging Cognitive Dysfunction and Chiropractic Care Posted on Sep 08, 2023

Chiropractic CE Credits Online: Bridging Cognitive Dysfunction and Chiropractic Care

image of brain on our chiropractic continuing education pageCCEDseminars | The Premiere Destination For Online Chiro Classes!The rising numbers of individuals grappling with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other cognitive dysfunctions make the intersection of cognitive wellness and chiropractic care an essential topic of discussion in today's healthcare landscape. Leveraging chiropractic CE credits online to delve into this vital area could equip chiropractors to address cognitive wellness with patients meaningfully. In the current landscape where over 6 million Americans are living with AD, the role of chiropractors in fostering cognitive wellness is becoming increasingly pertinent.

Cognitive Dysfunction and Chiropractic: A Growing Concern

The alarming increase in AD recorded deaths between 2000-19 highlights the urgency in addressing cognitive health, with memory loss being a significant concern among many individuals. The early indicators of AD, as delineated by the CDC, include problems with organization, multitasking, and slower recall, termed as Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD).

The Underlying Anatomy: Brain Atrophy and Cognitive Reserve

Recent neuroimaging studies reveal that individuals with SCD exhibit brain atrophy, primarily involving the gray matter and significant reductions in functional activity in various brain regions. These findings emphasize the concept of cognitive reserve, a theory explaining why some individuals maintain cognitive function despite brain pathology. Building and enhancing cognitive reserve through stimulating activities, therefore, emerge as potential preventative measures against cognitive decline.

Crafting Cognitive Reserve: The Role of CCEDseminars

CCEDseminars presents digital and online cognitive wellness programs, designed to facilitate easy and affordable integration of cognitive health in chiropractic care. The programs encompass comprehensive approaches, including:

  • Cognitive assessments
  • Brain exercises
  • Heart rate variability training
  • Gamma brain wave entrainment
  • Advocating lifestyle modifications

By helping patients build a robust cognitive reserve, chiropractors can play a pivotal role in preventing or delaying the onset of cognitive issues.

Evidence in Support: Research Results Illustrating the Impact

Various studies underscore the effectiveness of brain training exercises in augmenting gray matter volume and enhancing cognitive performance. The promising results from these studies bring a ray of hope, illuminating the potential paths to bolster cognitive health through targeted interventions.

Implementing a Wellness Program with CCEDseminars: Cognitive Dysfunction and Chiropractic

The journey towards fostering cognitive wellness begins with awareness and proactive involvement. Chiropractors can leverage the resources from CCEDseminars to integrate cognitive wellness into the overarching wellness programs, addressing the growing concerns around cognitive health.

As fear of memory loss pervades the consciousness of many individuals, chiropractors have a golden opportunity to become torchbearers of cognitive wellness, offering not just adjustments and dietary advice, but a holistic approach encompassing cognitive wellness into the wellness paradigm. Click HERE for our extensive list of course that will aid you in your development of your "In House" programs!

With an expansive reach and a growing population grappling with cognitive decline, chiropractors armed with knowledge gained through chiropractic CE credits online are in a strategic position to make a positive impact. 

Let's foster a future where cognitive wellness is not an afterthought but a vital aspect of holistic healthcare, addressed proactively and comprehensively through CCEDseminars.

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