Chiropractic CEU Online: Unveiling Geriatrics 305 – Introduction to Aging Posted on Sep 04, 2023

Chiropractic CEU Online: Elevate Your Knowledge in Geriatric Care with Geriatrics 305: Introduction to Aging

Date: 09/12/2023, 7 - 9 PM CT

Credit Hours: 2

Contributor: Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCNimage of senior couple on bikes on our chiropractic ce credits online blog pageCCEDseminars | Your Destination For Chiropractic CE Credits Online!

Course Description:

As the need for geriatric chiropractic care grows, staying updated on the most recent advances is crucial for any practicing chiropractor. That’s why CCEDseminars is offering "Geriatrics 305: Introduction to Aging," a chiropractic CEU online course led by the renowned Dr. Howard Benedikt. This 2-hour course provides invaluable knowledge about the aging process and its effects on the human body.

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Key Topics Covered:

During the first hour, you will delve into theories of aging like oxidative stress, toxic accumulation, inflammation, and immune dysregulation. These provide a foundational understanding of age-related health conditions.

The second part of the course zeroes in on lifestyle factors affecting aging, particularly on skeletal muscle and brain aging. Moreover, you will learn the critical roles that diet and exercise play in the process of aging.

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Certificate and Recognition:

After completing the course, print your certificate directly from your account, evidencing your dedication to excellence in geriatric chiropractic care.

Join Us for This Pioneering Course:

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your expertise in geriatric chiropractic care. For detailed instructions on accessing the webinar and more information about the course, check out "Your Webinar Instructions."

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