Chiropractic Continuing Education: Unveiling the Power of Motion EMG Posted on Oct 13, 2023

In the realm of chiropractic, groundbreaking products that redefine the industry are a rare find. However, a transformation is taking place, especially in personal injury cases, thanks to the growing popularity of Dynamic Surface Electromyography, a technology that personal injury attorneys hail as "the lie detector for back pain." 

image of cervical spine on our chiropractic continuing education pageCCEDseminars | Your Prime Destination For Chiropractic Continuing Education!This technology, known as the DynaROM Motion EMG, not only measures range of motion but also detects "muscle guarding" during motion, providing vital data to assess soft tissue injuries and ascertain the presence or absence of pain.

Muscle Guarding: A Game-Changer in Personal Injury Cases

When it comes to personal injury and chiropractic, muscle guarding is a game-changer. Muscle guarding is the body's natural response to pain during motion, and it can be a critical indicator of soft tissue injury. The DynaROM Motion EMG is a functional test that assesses motion, making it a valuable tool in evaluating soft tissue injuries. If you wish to take your PI practic to another level while earning chiropractic continuing education, Click HERE!

David Marcarian, the mind behind this revolutionary technology, explains, "Unlike static tests like MRI or CT scans, which offer limited insight into soft tissue injuries, surface EMG through motion provides functional data and elicits an abnormal muscle guarding response."

This groundbreaking device has already led to substantial wins in personal injury cases, setting a new standard for personal injury attorneys collaborating with chiropractors. One landmark case was Merritt vs. the Florida Department of Health, which highlighted the potential of this technology in changing the landscape of personal injury law. It led to significant developments in CPT code reimbursement for personal injury protection in Florida and nationwide.

Objective Proof: The DynaROM Advantage

The DynaROM Motion EMG has become invaluable in personal injury cases by providing objective, irrefutable evidence. This technology has shifted the dynamics of these cases, making it challenging for defense attorneys to refute claims based on the evidence it provides.

Unlike traditional tests, which often yield normal results in soft tissue cases, the DynaROM exposes the lack of objective findings, making it a game-changer for both insurance and defense positions. This fact alone has led to the dismissal of numerous insurance claims where patients were suspected of exaggerating their symptoms.

Wins in Courtrooms: The Impact of Muscle Guarding Technology

Muscle guarding technology has resulted in numerous courtroom victories, some with record-breaking awards. In one case, a soft tissue injury claim resulted in a historic $650,000 award. Another case in King County, Washington, saw a jury award an unprecedented $958,000, emphasizing the power of objective data.

This technology has not only transformed legal outcomes but has also impacted the education of future healthcare professionals. David Marcarian, the driving force behind DynaROM, was appointed as a clinical instructor at the University at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, where he teaches radiology students how to utilize this technology. This recognition has revolutionized how radiologists assess spinal conditions.

Chiropractic's Path to Objectivity

The availability of objective data through technologies like the DynaROM Motion EMG is changing the chiropractic landscape. Chiropractors are increasingly recognizing the importance of objective tools in validating their care. As B.J. Palmer said in 1938, objectivity is essential to gain credibility in the healthcare field.

The DynaROM has been a game-changer, offering truth and objectivity in chiropractic care. It has taken years of dedication and research to reach this point, but it has undoubtedly moved from the fringe to the mainstream. This revolutionary device not only benefits chiropractors but ultimately serves the best interests of patients, insurers, and the legal system.

Chiropractic continuing education is evolving, with technology like the DynaROM paving the way for more evidence-based and objective chiropractic practices.


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