Chiropractic SEO Basics: A Complete Guide to Optimize Your Practice for Organic Traffic Posted on Sep 06, 2023

1. Understand What SEO Is and Why It’s Important for Your Practice

image of doctor at his computerCCEDseminars | Thank You For Visiting!The first step to mastering chiropractic SEO is understanding what SEO is and why it plays a crucial role in your practice’s online visibility. SEO drives about 53% or more of the traffic to your chiropractic website. High-quality content and link building are the most important factors for Google to rank your website in its search results.

Why SEO Matters for Small Businesses:

  • 93% of all online activities begin with a search engine.
  • 75% of users never click past the first page of search results.

2. Start with Local SEO for Chiropractors

Local SEO aims to make your practice visible in local search results. This is essential since 46% of the daily Google searches are local. By optimizing your website with terms like {your city chiropractor}, you can reach potential patients in your area more efficiently.

3. Completely Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB)

Your Google My Business profile should be a direct reflection of your practice. Ensure that your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information is consistent across all platforms. Update your business hours, services, and photos to make your profile more appealing.

Bonus Tip:

Post on your GMB account at least once a week to stand out from local competitors.

4. Use Easy-to-Rank Keywords for Chiropractic

Keyword research is essential. Utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords that are both high in search volume and low in competition.

5. Write Compelling & Educational Chiropractic Content

Quality content is key to engaging and educating potential patients. Utilize the American Chiropractic Association’s resources as a starting point to create informative and keyword-rich content.

6. Use Social Media for SEO Success

Although social media doesn’t directly influence SEO, sharing your content across these platforms can improve your online visibility.

7. Measure Your Chiropractic SEO Performance & Results

Monitor the performance of your SEO efforts using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

8. Eliminate Anything That Slows Your Website Down

Your website’s load time can significantly impact user experience and SEO. Utilize tools like PageSpeed Insights to identify issues.

9. Turn Your Chiropractic Blog Posts into Engaging Videos

Repurposing blog content into videos can help improve engagement and visibility. Embed these videos on your blog posts for maximum impact.

Now that you’re equipped with these chiropractic SEO basics, you’re well on your way to improving your practice’s online presence.

Remember, your digital chiropractic marketing strategy is more influential than ever. Start optimizing today!

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