Colorado State Approved Online Chiropractic CE Courses by CCEDseminars Posted on Aug 31, 2023

The Comprehensive Guide to Online Chiropractic CE Credits in Colorado

image of colorado mountains on our online chiropractic ce credits pageCCEDseminars | Your Premiere Destination For Online Chiropractic CE CreditsColorado State Approved Chiropractic Online CE Courses by CCEDSeminars

Welcome to a one-stop destination for chiropractors in Colorado! CCEDseminars brings you an expansive range of Colorado State Approved Chiropractic Online CE courses. Now serving the international community, CCEDseminars aims to provide top-notch online chiropractic continuing education across the globe.

Exciting Offers: Bundle and Save!

Looking to maximize your chiropractic ce credits online? At CCEDseminars, you can bundle various webinars and recorded classes to save more. Utilize promo code "6hbc" during checkout to avail a 10% discount when you purchase 6-9 hours. Use promo code "10hbc" to get a whopping 20% off on 10 hours or more! These offers apply to both live webinars and recorded online classes.

Courses Facilitated by Accredited Institutions

All our online courses are facilitated by Texas College of Chiropractic, a CCE accredited college. This ensures the high-quality education that you need to meet your state’s requirements.

Simplified Online Navigation for License Verification

Once you are logged into your account and your chiropractic licenses are entered, each course is clearly marked as being approved or not approved for Colorado. This makes it easy for you to select appropriate courses.

Colorado Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

Chiropractors in Colorado need to complete 15 hours of CE credits by October 31st each year. The good news? Colorado accepts 10 hours of online chiropractic continuing education courses and/or webinars. Additionally, up to 15 hours of webinar chiropractic continuing education courses are accepted. This means you can meet all your annual requirements by taking just 10 hours of online classes and 5 hours of webinars through CCEDseminars.

Note: Board’s chiropractic CEU requirements may change. Always check your state board’s website for the most current information.

Extensive Course Catalog

CCEDseminars boasts over 1,000 hours of recorded on-demand chiropractic continuing education classes. On top of this, we offer 8-10 hours of live and interactive chiropractic webinar/teleseminar classes every month. Our courses range from acupuncture to x-ray, covering every aspect of the profession.

Exceptional Faculty

Our instructors are leading professionals in the chiropractic field. They are not only experts in their respective areas but are also passionate about the chiropractic profession. They love chiropractors and are gifted speakers.

2022 CE Courses Now Available

Take control of your continuing education with CCEDseminars and stay updated with the latest knowledge in the chiropractic profession. Happy learning!

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