Complete Your TBCE Required Hours with CCEDseminars: Quality, Convenience, and Value Posted on Aug 30, 2023

Complete Your TBCE Required Hours with CCEDseminars

image of doctor documentation on our online chiropractic ce courses pageCCEDseminars | Your #1 Source For Online Chiropractic CE CoursesAre you a chiropractic professional in Texas looking to fulfill your Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners (TBCE) required hours? Look no further! At CCEDseminars, we offer Board approved ethics, documentation, and risk management courses every month. Our courses are specifically designed to meet the TBCE required hours while equipping you with the essential skills to improve your practice.

Never Stop Learning: Ethics, Documentation, and Risk Management

Our 2-hour live CE webinar goes beyond the basics to discuss ethics as it relates to your chiropractic practice, staff interactions, and personal relationships. If you’ve been on the hunt for that “missing link” to practice growth and personal life enhancement, our ethics course may hold the key.

The course on documentation and risk management is also a 2-hour experience that focuses on state-of-the-art documentation techniques. This course will show you how to quantify clinical data effectively, essentially "bullet-proofing" your documentation. Moreover, the risk management segment aims to safeguard your practice against the most frequent forms of potential liability.

Plan Ahead for Your Continuing Professional Development

At CCEDseminars, our motto is simple: "Never Stop Learning!" Before you even start a course, take a moment to reflect on your skills. Ask yourself, "Where can I improve?" This self-assessment will not only help you select the most suitable course but also set you on a path of continuous improvement.

Why Choose CCEDseminars?

  1. Convenience: Don’t wait until the last minute to meet your TBCE required hours. Our courses allow you to re-access the material at any time.

  2. Compatibility: Whether you prefer using a computer or a smart device, our courses are compatible with both.

  3. Quality: CCEDseminars is dedicated to helping Doctors of Chiropractic be the best they can be. Our courses are comprehensive, relevant, and up-to-date with current practices.

  4. Resourceful: Our courses are not just about fulfilling your TBCE required hours. They are designed to be resourceful, equipping you with tools, tips, and knowledge that you can apply in your practice for years to come.

Useful Resources:

For more information on the requirements set forth by the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners, visit their official website HERE.

CCEDseminars is your go-to solution for completing your TBCE required hours without the hassle. With us, your continuing professional development is not just a requirement; it’s a lifelong journey towards excellence.

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