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Chiro CE Online - Minnesota Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

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Welcome to CCEDseminars, your top destination for fulfilling chiropractic CE courses online. As a PACE-approved provider, we offer an extensive selection of courses, including webinars and recorded classes, to meet the chiropractic continuing education needs of practitioners in Minnesota. Dive in to find all you need to know about Minnesota’s chiropractic continuing education requisites, reporting obligations, and special demands for certain licensees.

Minnesota Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements:

Minnesota mandates that chiropractors complete a total of 20 hours of CE annually. The deadline for this is December 31st each year. Rest assured, a considerable number of our courses are Minnesota-approved, making CCEDseminars an ideal choice to acquire your necessary CE credits.

Accepted Chiropractic CE Credits Online:

Minnesota endorses the completion of all 20 hours of chiropractic CE credits via online mediums or through webinars, paving the way for a convenient mode to fulfill your CE requirements right from your comfortable space.

Special Requirements:

Chiropractors in Minnesota need to dedicate:

  • 3 hours to X-ray or imaging-related subjects (either technical or diagnostic) [Click HERE]
  • 1 hour to a professional boundaries-related topic [Click Here]

Those registered for acupuncture services must undertake 2 hours in a relevant acupuncture/meridian therapy area [Click Here]

Animal Chiropractic:

For practitioners involved in Animal Chiropractic, the state mandates an additional 6 hours of MBCE-endorsed animal chiropractic CE annually alongside the basic 20-hour requirement. It is also compulsory to maintain AVCA certification, demanding 30 hours of CE triennially.

New Licensee Information:

Chiropractors newly entering the field are granted a waiver for CE for the first licensure year.

Reporting Requirements:

All licensees are necessitated to confirm their CE hour completion via an online platform or utilizing the designated state form.

CCEDseminars - Your Source for Chiropractic CE Credits Online:

With over 1,000 hours of recorded Chiro CE classes and a monthly offering of 8 - 10 hours of live, interactive webinars, CCEDseminars stands as your reliable provider for online chiropractic CE courses. Our extensive collection encompasses a plethora of topics from chiropractic acupuncture to disorders associated with whiplash. Delve deeper into specialized fields with our advanced training that paves the way to specialty certifications. Find more details on our Certification Programs page.

Stay Informed:

It is pivotal for licensees to stay abreast of any amendments in the Minnesota Chiropractic Continuing Education requirements. While we aim to present the most current details here, always cross-verify with the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic to ensure you have the latest information.


CCEDseminars is dedicated to facilitating chiropractors in Minnesota with a streamlined process to meet their continuing education demands. Our expansive range of approved courses and webinars aids you in complying with the state guidelines while enhancing your proficiency in the chiropractic field.

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