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Welcome to CCEDseminars - Your Top Provider of Chiropractic CE Credits Online for "Chiropractic CE" in Missouri!

image of Missouri on our chiropractic online continuing education pageCCEDseminars | You Primo Destination For Chiropractic On line Continuing Education!Being a chiropractic practitioner in Missouri comes with the responsibility of continuous learning. CCEDseminars facilitates your education by offering 48 hours of online Chiropractic CE credits, a necessity fulfilled biennially by the 28th of February in odd-numbered years.

Why Choose CCEDseminars?

At CCEDseminars, we prioritize quality and compliance in every course we offer. We stand out for:

  • Accredited Courses: With the backing of the Texas College of Chiropractic Postgraduate Education Department, a CCE accredited college, we guarantee the value in our course offerings.
  • PACE Approved: Being a PACE-approved provider, our courses meet the most stringent standards, ensuring recognition by the regulatory bodies.
  • Effortless Approval Process: We aid in effortless tracking of your CE progress with a clear indication of approval status for each course in your account.

Special Considerations:

  • MTAA Hours: Engage in 12 biennial hours on Meridian Therapy, Acupuncture, and Acupressure, a part of the 48-hour requirement. Click here for courses.
  • Animal Chiropractic: No defined CE requirement exists for practitioners in this area, yet a 24-hour general CE from the State Veterinary Board stands accepted.


Newly licensed chiropractors and veteran practitioners enjoy certain exemptions:

  • New Licensees: Those within a year post-graduation enjoy a CE pause till the end of the first biennial licensure cycle.
  • Elderly Practitioners: Practitioners 65 years and above, with a 35-year service history in the state, require only 24 hours of formal biennial education.

Reporting Requirements:

Adhere to the state guidelines by affirming your CE completion on the state-provided form.

Experience the CCEDseminars Difference:

With over a thousand hours of accredited courses, ranging from acupuncture to x-ray training, CCEDseminars stands as a global leader in chiropractic online continuing education. Begin your learning journey with our complimentary 1-hour course, "Coding and Documentation 201."

Stay Informed:

Note: The details provided are based on data as of 08/16/2023. Being a dynamic field, the requisites can change, necessitating regular updates from practitioners. For the freshest updates, refer to the Missouri Board of Chiropractic.


In a field that continuously evolves, align with CCEDseminars to stay ahead with the most enriching chiropractic online continuing education. Begin your learning odyssey today and carve a pathway to enhanced service delivery in chiropractic care.

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