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Why Athletes Are Prone to Lower Body Injuries: A Brief Overview

imkage of fitness model on our online chiropractic ce pageCCEDseminars | We Are Your Home For Online Chiropractic CE!Recent studies have shown an alarming trend. Athletes, whether professional or in high school, face a heightened risk of sustaining lower body injuries. In the NFL alone, there's a 41% risk of a player encountering such an injury in a given season. The repercussions are far from trivial, costing the league thousands of days of play each year. Moreover, high school athletes, especially females, are no strangers to these alarming statistics. Stay current with online chiropractic CE! Click HERE for access to our enormous library of courses!

A Paradigm Shift in Diagnosis and Treatment

Traditionally, the focus has been on treating the site of the injury. However, Dr. Michael Bagnell, a renowned functional neurologist and chiropractic physician, suggests a different approach, one that begins much higher up in the body. He is an advocate for a 'top-down' treatment model based on the connection between sport-related concussions and lower body injuries.

The Science Behind The Connection

Studies have discovered that athletes are at a greater risk of lower body injuries for over a year after suffering from a sport-related concussion. Shockingly, the risk in some instances can be as high as 67%. Biomechanical functions have been found to be compromised in athletes with a history of concussions, suggesting a neuromuscular component that predisposes them to further injuries. Click HERE for a link to our sports related concussion online chiropractic CE course.

The Importance of Comprehensive Diagnosis

For CCEDseminars offering Online Chiropractic CE courses, a comprehensive diagnosis is integral to the curriculum. This diagnosis involves not only standard evaluations of joint movements and ranges of motion but also a thorough neurological model testing cerebellar function, vestibular function, and more.

Introducing Vision Training in Rehabilitation

The 'top-down' approach doesn't stop at diagnosis; it extends to treatment as well. Dr. Bagnell emphasizes the importance of vision training to improve brain map accuracy for these lower-extremity regions. He suggests that athletes should undergo vision training before returning to the game. The aim is to achieve a harmonious blend of 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' approaches to yield improved outcomes.

Why Choose a 'Top-Down' Model?

CCEDseminars supports the 'top-down' model as it aligns with a more holistic and comprehensive approach to athlete care. This approach is not only effective in treating the symptoms but also aids in preventive care, offering a deeper understanding of the areas for potential improvement to mitigate the risk of injuries.


Lower body injuries in athletes are a complex issue requiring a multifaceted approach for both diagnosis and treatment. A 'top-down' model brings in a fresh perspective, supported by rigorous scientific research. For those looking to deepen their understanding, Online Chiropractic CE courses from CCEDseminars offer invaluable insights and training in this innovative approach.


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