Secure Your Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Credits with Pickleball Injury Prevention Insights Posted on Sep 08, 2023

Pickleball: How to Prevent Injuries 

and Play Safely

image of pickleball on our on our chiropractic ceu blog postCCEDseminars | The #1 Destination World Wide For Online Chiropractic CE!In recent years, pickleball has experienced a significant surge in popularity, boasting a 35% increase in players according to the Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP). This growth, albeit exciting, brings to the forefront the pressing issue of safety and the rise in pickleball-related injuries. Delving into this topic is not just essential for enthusiasts of the sport but also forms a pertinent part of earning online chiropractic continuing education credits.

The Surge in Pickleball Injuries: Unpacking the Causes

Michael Braccio, DC, DACRB, a Seattle-based practitioner and American Chiropractic Association member, attributes the surge in injuries to a couple of fundamental factors. Firstly, the pandemic-induced reduction in physical activity over the past few years has left individuals more prone to injuries when they take up a sudden active sport like pickleball.

Moreover, a substantial portion of new players lacks a background in racquet sports, making them unfamiliar with the necessary upper and lower extremity movements, consequently increasing the risk of injuries.

Identifying the Common Injuries in Pickleball

Both the upper and lower body regions are susceptible to injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Lateral epicondylopathy (tennis elbow) and rotator cuff strains affecting the upper body, mainly due to unfamiliarity with racquet sports movements.
  • Patellar tendinopathy and ankle sprains in the lower body, often resulting from quick movements and overloading of the patellar tendon during the game.
  • Low back pain arising from activities like squats and lunges which are frequently engaged in during the game.
Injury Prevention Tips for Safe Play

To foster a safe play environment and prevent common injuries:

  • Warming up properly before stepping onto the court, incorporating light cardio and shoulder exercises to prep the body.
  • Avoiding overexertion by scheduling recovery days to allow the body to adapt and heal.
  • Engaging in strength training focusing on rotator cuff, core, and knee strengthening exercises to build resilience against potential injuries.
  • Wearing eye protection to shield against fast-traveling balls which could potentially hit your face.

CCEDseminars underscores the need to undertake these preventive measures not only to enjoy a healthy game but also to continue relishing the social pleasures derived from being part of the vibrant pickleball community. Learn More!


As pickleball continues to win hearts across the nation, it is pivotal to play it safe and keep injuries at bay. Embarking on online chiropractic continuing education credits by understanding and preventing pickleball injuries ensures that you remain at the forefront in promoting a safe and healthy pickleball playing environment.

Remember, a safe game is not just fun but forms the foundation of a thriving and happy pickleball community. So, take the right steps today and play pickleball the safe way!

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