Stick to It: Elevating Your Online Chiro Practice with Kinesiology Taping Posted on Sep 11, 2023

Stick to It: Enhancing Your Online Chiro Practice with Kinesiology Taping

image of taping on our online chiro blog pageCCEDseminars | Your #1 Source For Online Chiro Training!Online Chiro services often bring about notable improvements practice growth and patient’s well-being. Enhanced range of motion and diminished pain are just a few of the merits that patients can enjoy. However, it’s not uncommon for these benefits to be ephemeral, urging a need for supplementary activities to maintain the gains achieved through treatment.

Stick to It – The Key to Sustained Success in Online Chiro Services

A pivotal strategy in ensuring enduring success in your online chiro practice is incorporating kinesiology taping (K-taping) post-manipulation. This technique aids in stabilizing crucial areas such as the cervical and lumbar spine, effectively reducing the patient’s perception of tightness and restoring range of motion.

Mechanism of Action – The Scientific Backbone of K-taping in Online Chiro Practice

Research has illuminated the role of spinal dysfunction in inducing changes in the afferent input from the spine and limbs, affecting sensorimotor integration. Manipulations employed in online chiro services can normalize these alterations, bringing about pain relief and functional improvements. K-taping plays a crucial role here, acting as a stimulus that guides muscles to regain their normal function.

Theory into Practice – Implementing K-taping in Your Online Chiro Practice

K-taping is more than a mechanical support; it influences the brain, offering stability and fostering proper posture. For instance, utilizing the "H" K-taping technique in the cervical spine area post-manipulation can provide stability and alleviate neck muscle tightness.

Practical Tips for K-taping Integration in Online Chiro Services

  • Identify Areas Needing Stability: Focus on regions like the cervical spine and scapulae that require inherent stability post manipulation.
  • Utilize Effective K-taping Techniques: Learn and apply proven K-taping techniques like the "H" method for the cervical spine area to enhance stability.
  • Prescribe Corrective Exercises: Encourage patients to perform exercises that promote stability, such as deep cervical flexor activations, and maintain proper breathing patterns during these exercises.
  • Encourage Activity: Advise less active patients to increase their cardiovascular activities to maximize the benefits of K-taping.

Your Partner in Achieving Sustainable Wellness through Online Chiro

As you venture into enriching your online chiro practice with K-taping, remember that the ultimate goal is to facilitate sustainable benefits for your patients. The integration of K-taping post manipulation elevates the standard of care, fostering pain relief and improved motor control, rendering hyperactive muscles a thing of the past. For more information click HERE.

Integrating K-taping into your practice not only enhances the outcomes of manipulations but also empowers patients to maintain the benefits, marking a substantial stride in chiropractic care. Stick to this strategy to ensure a thriving online chiro practice with satisfied and healthier patients. Stick to it, and watch your practice grow.

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