The Unveiled Path to Chiropractic Certification in Radiology Posted on Sep 04, 2023

What Is Chiropractic Radiology?

image of radiologist on our chiropractic certifications blog pageCCEDseminars | Elevate Your Clinical Skills With Chiropractic Certifications!Despite being an underrepresented field with only approximately 150 chiropractic radiologists in the United States, chiropractic radiology is crucial for enhancing patient care in chiropractic practices. Chiropractic radiology is a specialty within chiropractic care that focuses on the use and interpretation of imaging studies, such as plain film radiography, MRI, CT scans, and diagnostic ultrasounds.

If you ever venture into an online health forum and bring up the term "chiropractic radiology," you're likely to be greeted with raised eyebrows. Why is this such an enigmatic subject? Let's dive deeper.

Radiology in Chiropractic Practice

Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) often incorporate imaging technologies into their practices. While plain film radiography is generally accepted within a chiropractor’s scope of practice in most states, many states also permit chiropractors to order and interpret advanced imaging if they have the proper training and credentials. Some larger chiropractic facilities, especially those integrated with other healthcare providers, may offer diagnostic ultrasounds or other imaging modalities.

Specialized Training and Certification

Like other healthcare specialties, chiropractic radiology requires in-depth training and certification. The governing body responsible for certification in this field is the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology (ACBR), known for its stringent standards. Doctors who complete the certification process and meet ongoing education requirements earn the diplomate status, indicated by the initials DACBR following their name.

Training Process

Chiropractors interested in specializing in radiology undergo a rigorous 3-4 year full-time residency, amounting to approximately 4,000 hours of practical and didactic training. The Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) accredits schools that conduct these residencies.

Certification Exam

The ACBR administers a demanding multi-day examination for candidates. Success in this exam allows them to use the DACBR designation and provides them with a distinct specialization in the field of healthcare.

Keeping Skills Up-to-date

For chiropractic radiologists, staying current is crucial. This is where continuing education comes into play. Platforms like CCEDseminars offer invaluable resources for keeping up with the latest advancements in the field.

Scope of Practice and Reimbursement

Chiropractic radiologists operate under the same chiropractic license as general chiropractors, but with advanced training in radiology. They can perform imaging studies and interpretation under each state's defined scope of practice. Payment for their services comes in various forms, such as cash, lien, or insurance.

Seeking Common Ground with Medical Radiologists

The chiropractic radiology community is gradually establishing its presence in the broader medical radiology field. As healthcare continues to evolve, the specialized skills of chiropractic radiologists are becoming increasingly valued, opening doors for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Final Thoughts

The field of chiropractic radiology may be small, but its contributions to chiropractic care and the broader healthcare community are invaluable. For those interested in this specialty, it offers an enriching career path marked by rigorous training, certification, and the ongoing pursuit of excellence through platforms like CCEDseminars.

Understanding this specialized field is not just for those in healthcare; it's for anyone who believes in the potential of chiropractic care to treat neuromusculoskeletal issues effectively. Therefore, as patients or healthcare providers, recognizing the importance of chiropractic radiology can enrich our understanding of chiropractic care as a whole.

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