Understanding Functional Medicine in Online Chiropractic CE Posted on Sep 10, 2023

Online Chiropractic CE: Unpacking Functional Medicine with CCEDseminars

Image of doctor and patient on our online chiropractic ce blog pageCCEDseminars | The #1 Destination For Online Chiropractic CE! In a healthcare environment rapidly shifting towards a more personalized and preventive approach, Functional Medicine (FM) stands at the forefront of this transformation. Diving deep into this concept, let us explore insights from CCEDseminars, to understand if Functional Medicine aligns with your chiropractic practice.

Why Functional Medicine?

FM offers an alternative to acute-care models. It appreciates the genetic uniqueness of each individual, incorporating external factors such as lifestyle and environmental influences in determining health conditions. A FM approach thus synergizes perfectly with chiropractic principles, focusing on the root causes of diseases rather than just alleviating symptoms.

Distinctive Attributes of Functional Medicine

Contrary to the conventional diagnostic model, FM hinges on an all-encompassing patient assessment that includes examining foundational lifestyle factors — from nutrition and sleep patterns to genetic predispositions. This methodology recognizes the individual differences and the multifaceted origins of diseases, promising a more targeted and effective treatment plan.

Hallmarks of a Functional Medicine Practice

Transcending beyond the boundaries of conventional medical evaluations, FM practices delve deeply into a patient’s history, including environmental exposures and daily habits. Through comprehensive questionnaires and sophisticated laboratory tests, practitioners can craft personalized treatment strategies utilizing chiropractic adjustments, nutraceuticals, and therapeutic diets, among others.

Implementing Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

In embracing FM, chiropractors integrate a science-backed, patient-centered approach to healthcare. The therapy not only aligns perfectly with the chiropractic focus on lifestyle factors influencing health but also empowers patients to actively participate in the healing process. It offers solutions to complex health problems, ensuring a satisfying practice that stands apart by providing unique insights into patient health.


As we navigate the realms of online chiropractic continuing education, integrating Functional Medicine promises a holistic approach that addresses the underpinnings of chronic diseases effectively. CCEDseminars, elucidates the transformative power of FM in healthcare, encouraging practitioners to foster a therapeutic partnership with patients, thereby paving the path for a healthier society. Click HERE for more information!

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