Unlock the Potential of Class IV Laser Therapy for Chiro Credit Courses With CCEDseminars Posted on Oct 18, 2023

The Revolutionary Impact of Class IV Laser Therapy I Chiro Credit Classes With CCEDseminars

image of doctor on our chiro credit blogCCEDseminars | The #1 Destination For Online Chiro Credit Courses!Chiropractors seeking to diversify their treatment offerings while earning chiro credit should consider incorporating Class IV laser therapy. 

Fast-Track to a Hybrid Practice Model

The impressive adoption rate of laser therapy in chiropractic practices speaks volumes. Within six months, many clinics have transitioned into a balanced 50/50 model, offering both chiropractic and laser-only treatments. The potential for excellent patient results and substantial clinic income from this cash-based treatment is undeniable.

The Crucial Factor: FDA Clearance

Before investing in any laser therapy device—be it Class IIIb or Class IV—ensuring FDA clearance and registration is non-negotiable. The market is rife with illegally imported and sold lasers. Always insist on FDA clearance documentation from your supplier. In this way, you protect both your practice and your chiro credit.

Deciphering the "Techno Babble"

It's essential to critically evaluate the claims made by salespeople, especially those with no real clinical experience. Misinformation can compromise patient care and your chiro credit standing. Validate the practical relevance of any technical jargon or specifications you encounter.

Hands-Free Treatment: A Paradigm Shift

The capability for hands-free operation with Class IV lasers marks a significant advancement, particularly in power comparisons with Class IIIb lasers. Class IV lasers generally offer a minimum output of 10W—substantially faster than the 500mW maximum output of Class IIIb lasers—enabling quicker and more effective treatments.

Overcoming Design Challenges

Creating a hands-free system for Class IV laser therapy involves resolving several challenges. These include preventing tissue thermal overload and making the technology as affordable as possible for clinicians. Recent innovations have produced specialized carts, flex arms, and emitter holders to facilitate precise treatment administration.

Why Hands-Free Class IV Laser Therapy is a Win-Win

Here are the key benefits of hands-free Class IV laser therapy:

  • Increased Beta Endorphins: Enhances natural pain relief.
  • Elevated Nitric Oxide Production: Promotes blood circulation.
  • Reduced Bradykinin Levels: Minimizes inflammatory response.
  • Ion Channel Normalization: Restores cellular function.
  • Blocked Depolarization of C-Fiber Afferent Nerves: Reduces pain signal transmission.

This therapeutic approach offers promising avenues for improving patient outcomes, thereby also boosting your clinic’s profit potential and chiro credit.


In the quest for earning and maintaining chiro credit, Class IV laser therapy emerges as a noteworthy addition to your practice. With its dual advantage of enhancing patient care and boosting income, this hands-free treatment is a win-win. For those interested in venturing into this domain, doing your homework on FDA clearance and realistic claims is essential.

If you're considering adding Class IV laser therapy to your practice for chiro credit, explore CCEDseminars to stay updated on the latest educational seminars and information in this rapidly evolving field. Get started HERE!



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