Unlocking Athlete Performance with Strength Care: A Chiropractic Perspective Posted on Sep 08, 2023

Unlocking Athlete Performance with Strength Care: A Chiropractic Perspective 

Image of football player on our chiropractic online ce pageCCEDseminars | Your #1 Destination For Online Chiropractic CE!Can chiropractors help win games from the sidelines in regard to athlete performance and improving strength?

In the high-stakes world of professional football, the answer, as I have come to find, is a resounding yes.

Adjusting the foot

During a crucial pre-game moment, a football player approached me with foot pain localized to his navicular bone. Although hesitant at first, I knew that there existed a strong correlation between the health of the navicular bone and psoas strength, which led me to examine his hip flexors. The evaluation revealed a noticeable weakness, ranking at most a three on the Medical Research Council (MRC) scale.

With a calculated adjustment focusing on the navicular, the player's strength remarkably improved, elevating to a full score on the MRC scale. After securing his foot with tape, the athlete found his foot pain had subsided, experiencing a newfound ease in hip flexion and a surge in overall strength, amplifying his athlete performance exponentially.

Check leg strength

News of this sudden enhancement circulated rapidly, with other players eager to undergo what was dubbed "the strength adjustment." This simple yet effective procedure not only alleviated pain but also boosted confidence, granting them a perceived edge in the game.

Through this adjustment, the team found themselves harboring an increased belief in their physical capabilities, which, coupled with skill and talent, steered us toward winning the national championships that year, with “strength care” becoming an integral part of our victory narrative.

Maintain the effect with a custom flexible orthotic

Reflecting upon the triumphant season, I recognized a pattern. Players who utilized custom-made flexible orthotics sustained the benefits of the adjustment more proficiently compared to others. These orthotics facilitated a persistent advantage by supporting the adjustment, diminishing the necessity for frequent touch-ups during the game.

Athlete performance: making a case for strength care

Witnessing the direct impact of these chiropractic adjustments on athlete performance propelled me to conceptualize a dedicated approach to this treatment, coining it “strength care.” This distinctive category goes beyond merely maintaining the musculoskeletal well-being, venturing into an area focused on enhancing strength and performance through specialized chiropractic care.

Incorporating strength care into my regular practice has been transformational, bringing noticeable improvements in athlete performance across diverse sports arenas. Custom-made flexible orthotics, designed to support the foot's three arches, have become an essential element in this regime, helping athletes retain the benefits of chiropractic adjustments for longer periods.


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