Apple/Androids Mobile Devices

Can I use an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch to take an online chiropractic webinars?

woman on I Phone taking online chiropractic ceCCEDSeminars Has Convenient Online Chiropractic CE Courses Compatible With Your I Phone!Using an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch to take a Webinar:

You will need to download a free app to participate in the Webinar using an Ipad/Iphone/Itouch

Go to app store and enter: adobe connect mobile (free) – the current version is Adobe Connect Mobile

Do not open the app. Open your web browser, and then login to your account at CCEDSeminars Scroll down to the webinar link in your account. Click on the webinar. A pop up from adobe connect will come up asking you to download Adobe Connect or Open Adobe Connect. You will need to click Open Adobe Connect. The Adobe Connect mobile app will automatically open on its own with the Meeting URL already entered into the black space. From there you can enter the meeting room.

Select Enter as Guest. Type in your first and last name, then click enter. You will check "Listen Only" mode, as you will not have an open mic and will be contributing verbally via the chat bar.

VERY IMPORTANT: in the upper left corner, there are four icons:

  1. The first one is square the main view we recommend using for the Webinar
  2. The second one is a circle and provides a full screen view of the presentation pod
  3. The third one is a page view – we don't recommend using this one.
  4. Question icon – this opens a chat window with moderator.

IMPORTANT – when a polling question is announced and brought up in the meeting room, a fifth icon appears (a tilted square with a check). YOU MUST CLICK ON THIS ICON in order to answer the required polling question.

If a video is played, you will see “tap to view” on your screen. Please tap so the video will play. After the video closes, you may need to click on the first icon on the left to return to the PowerPoint.

If you want the file share file(s) for the Webinar, you will need to provide your email address to the moderator in the chat pod.

1. Can I use a Mobile Device to take an online chiropractic CE course or online chiropractic certification program?

image of woman on smart device completing chiropractic CEU onlineComplete Your Online Chiropractic Courses At Home Or On The Go!

  • Yes. Our online recorded chiropractic courses are fully viewable on various Mobile Devices, including iPad, iPhone, Androids, and Tablets. You can access the courses conveniently from your preferred mobile device.

2. Do I need to purchase or download special applications to view the online courses on my mobile device?

  • No, you should not need to purchase or download any special applications to view our online courses on your mobile device. Our platform is designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring easy access without any additional software requirements.

3. Are the online recorded classes optimized for mobile viewing?

  • Yes, our online recorded classes are optimized for seamless viewing on mobile devices. You can enjoy the same high-quality content and interactive experience as on a desktop or laptop.

4. Can I switch between devices while taking an online course?

  • Absolutely! Our platform allows you to start an online course on one device and continue seamlessly on another. You can switch between devices, and your progress will be saved.

5. Are there any limitations on mobile device compatibility?

  • Our online courses are designed to be compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including the most popular models. However, for the best experience, we recommend using updated versions of your device's operating system and browser.

6. How do I access the online recorded classes on my mobile device?

  • To access the online recorded classes on your mobile device, simply log in to your CCEDseminars account through your device's browser. Navigate to the course you wish to view, and you're all set!

7. Can I take quizzes and complete course requirements on my mobile device?

  • Yes, you can take quizzes and complete all course requirements on your mobile device. Our platform is designed to enable full functionality, regardless of the device you are using.

8. Is there a difference in content or quality between desktop and mobile viewing?

  • No, there is no difference in content or quality between desktop and mobile viewing. You will have access to the same comprehensive and high-quality chiropractic educational material.

9. Are there any additional fees for mobile access?

  • No, there are no additional fees for accessing our courses on your mobile device. Your course enrollment includes access from both desktop and mobile devices.

10. What if I encounter technical issues while accessing the courses on my mobile device?

  • If you encounter any technical issues or need assistance, please reach out to our customer support team at 903 243 3372. We are here to help resolve any concerns.

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Can I use an Android phone to take an online chiropractic webinar?

image of doctor taking online chiropractic courses on smart phoneGet Your Online Chiropractic CE Courses From Anywhere!


Android Webinar Instructions
Go to Google Play Store and search for Adobe Connect Mobile App. Install this Free App. You will need the Meeting URL. This link is generally active 2 hours before the Webinar.Click the option for GUEST and put your name in – please type your FIRST & LAST name and click Enter. The Meeting Room will open and you will see the four meeting room pods. 

Getting started with CCEDSeminars

How do I register for a chiropractic online CE course with your website?

How to register with CCEDSeminars for online chiropractic CE coursesRegistering An Account For Online Chiropractic CE Is So Easy!

1. To register for our online chiropractic CE courses, follow these steps:

  • Click on the "REGISTER" link in the horizontal blue navigation bar at the top of the home page.

2. What information do I need to provide during registration?

During registration, you must fill in ALL fields on the registration page with proper spelling and grammar. This information will be incorporated into your certificate of completion. Ensure you watch the form for any errors or messages that may appear as you enter your details.

3. What should I do if the system indicates that my license number or email is already in the database?

If you encounter a message stating that your license number or email is already in the database, please stop the registration process and click on the "contact us" link. Reach out to our support team for assistance, as you may already be in our database.

4. What should I do if the username I selected is already in the database?

In case the username you chose is already taken in our database, please select another username to proceed with the registration process smoothly.

5. How can I verify that I am not a robot during registration?

To verify that you are not a robot, go to the bottom right of the registration form and click on the "I am not a robot" checkbox. Afterward, click the "Register" button to continue with the registration.

6. What do I do after successfully registering for a course?

After registering, you will receive a "Thank you for registering" message. To access your purchased courses, log in using the username and password you selected during registration. This will direct you to your "Personal Homepage," where your purchased courses are located on the right. Simply click on the course title to access the course.

7. Where can I find solutions to common issues I may encounter?

Always check our FAQ page for quick and simple resolutions to the most common issues you may face while using our platform. It provides helpful answers and guidance to ensure a seamless experience with our online chiropractic CE courses.

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support team via the "contact us" link. We are here to assist you throughout your learning journey. Happy learning!

How do I select chiropractic online courses approved for my State, Province or Region?

Chiropractic Approved Continuing Educationj For My State/RgionCCEDSeminars Provides Online Chiropractic CE Worldwide!

To find approved chiropractic continuing education courses in your state, province, or country, follow these steps: 

a. Click on the "Resources" link located at the top right corner of the website. 

b. Next, click on the "Continue" link specific to your state, province, or country. 

c. Once you do this, scroll down and you will be directed to a complete list of chiropractic continuing education courses that have been approved for your region.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with the enrollment process, please feel free to contact our support team. We are here to help you make the most of your Online Chiropractic CE journey.

What validates my certificate of completion for chiropractic webinars/teleseminars?

Attendance at CCEDSeminars events

A: Your certificate of completion is considered valid when:

  1. You have been logged into the webinar presentation, through Adobe Connect, with your first and last name entered as "Guest," for its entirety.
  2. You have actively participated in the presentation.

Q: How are the chiropractic webinars/teleseminars monitored?

A: Our chiropractic webinars/teleseminars are monitored by a live moderator and our electronic system, which tracks attendance and participation.

Q: Is attendance through Adobe Connect mandatory for obtaining the certificate of completion?

A: Yes, to validate your certificate of completion, it is essential to attend the entire webinar presentation through Adobe Connect, with your first and last name entered as "Guest."

Q: How can I ensure my active participation is recorded during the webinar/teleseminar?

A: Active participation is crucial for obtaining your certificate of completion. To ensure your participation is recorded, engage in the webinar by interacting with the live moderator, asking questions, responding to polls, and contributing to discussions.

Q: Can I join the webinar/teleseminar late and still receive a certificate of completion?

A: To be eligible for a certificate of completion, you must be logged in for the entire duration of the webinar/teleseminar. Joining late may result in your participation not being fully recorded, and you may not receive a certificate.

Q: Will I be notified if my attendance or participation is not recorded correctly?

A: Yes, if there are any issues with recording your attendance or participation, our support team will reach out to you via email or phone call to resolve the matter.

Q: How long does it take to receive the certificate of completion after attending the webinar/teleseminar?

A: After attending the webinar/teleseminar and fulfilling all requirements, you can print your certificate of attendance from your account home page on our site.

Q: Are the webinars/teleseminars eligible for CE credits in my state/country?

A: Our chiropractic webinars/teleseminars are designed to meet the continuing education requirements for chiropractors in most states and countries. 

Q: Can I get a refund if I am unable to attend the webinar/teleseminar after registration?

A: We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Please refer to our refund policy on our website for information about refunds and cancellations.

Q: Are the webinars/teleseminars interactive, and can I ask questions during the presentation?

A: Yes, our webinars/teleseminars are interactive, and we encourage participants to ask questions during the presentation. Our live moderators will facilitate Q&A sessions to address participants' queries.

Q: Can I access the webinar/teleseminar recording after the live event?

A: No.

Q: Can I share my login details with a colleague or friend to attend the webinar/teleseminar on my behalf?

A: No, sharing login details is strictly prohibited. Each participant must register individually and attend the webinar/teleseminar using their own credentials to be eligible for the certificate of completion.

Q: How often do you offer chiropractic webinars/teleseminars?

A: We offer chiropractic webinars/teleseminars regularly throughout the year. Please check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on upcoming events and topics.

Please note that the information provided here is subject to change, and for the most current and accurate details, we recommend visiting our website or contacting our support team.

Where can I find the notes for the online chiropractic CE courses?

Notes for online chiropractic courses can be down loaded easilyYou Can Even Down Load Notes & Resources for the Chiropractic CE Course!

  • For courses hosted on Vimeo or Adobe, simply scroll down to the video description. There, you will find the link(s) to access the course notes.
  • If the online course is on Adobe Connect, look for the "Files" pod located in the upper left of the presentation to access the course notes.

2. Is there a limited time to complete the online courses?

  • You can start an online seminar and complete it at your own pace. There's no need to rush, and you can access the course materials whenever it's convenient for you.

3. How do I obtain my certificate of completion for the online course?

  • Once you complete the online presentation, you can print your certificate of completion directly from your home page on our website. It's a quick and hassle-free process.

4. Can I access my transcripts after completing the course?

  • Yes, you will always have access to your transcripts on our platform, making it easy to keep track of your continuing education progress.

5. How do I reach out if I have further questions or need assistance?

  • If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team at Contact Us. We are here to help!

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1. What formats are your Chiropractic CE courses?

CCEDSeminars has online & webinarsCCEDSeminars Online Chiropractic CEU!

  • CCEDseminars offers courses in two formats: a. Online/On demand recorded courses: These courses are pre-recorded and available for you to access at any time. You can study at your own pace and convenience. b. Live & Interactive webinars: These webinars are conducted in real-time, allowing you to actively participate, ask questions, and interact with instructors and fellow participants.

2. How do I access the Online/On demand recorded courses?

  • Accessing the recorded courses is easy. Simply log in to your CCEDseminars account and browse the available online courses. Once you find the course you're interested in, click on it to begin your learning journey.

3. Can I attend Live & Interactive chiropractic webinars on my mobile device?

  • Yes, our Live webinars are accessible on all smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets. You can attend webinars from the comfort of your home or even on the go.

4. Are the Live & Interactive webinars scheduled at specific times?

  • Yes, Live webinars have scheduled dates and times. Please check the course schedule on our website to find the upcoming webinar sessions.

6. Can I interact with the instructors during Live webinars?

  • Absolutely! Live webinars provide an excellent opportunity to interact with our knowledgeable instructors. You can ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage in discussions.

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1. Is there a test after taking the online chiropractic course?

image of chiropractor completing test after an online chiropractic courseCCEDseminars Is Your #1 Choice For Chiropractic Online CE Courses!

A: Yes, there is a test included in each online chiropractic course. The test consists of interactive multiple-choice quiz questions designed to reinforce the key points from the course content and enhance the learning process.

Q: How does the test help in the learning process?

A: The test serves as an essential component of the learning experience. By answering the quiz questions, you solidify your understanding of the course material and ensure that you have grasped the important concepts. It also helps you identify areas where you may need to review the content further.

Q: When can I access the test after completing the course?

A: Once you have completed the chiropractic course, simply close the course module, and then refresh your home page. You will find a link to access the test associated with the completed course.

Q: What format does the test follow, and how many questions are there?

A: The test consists of interactive multiple-choice quiz questions. The number of questions may vary depending on the length and complexity of the course, but they are designed to be comprehensive enough to assess your knowledge and comprehension effectively.

Q: Is the test graded, and what happens if I don't pass?

A: Yes, the test is graded. Upon completing the test, you will receive immediate feedback on your performance. If you do not pass the test, you may have the option to retake it, depending on the course provider's policies. Further instructions will be provided in such cases.

Q: Will I receive a certificate after passing the test?

A: Yes, upon successfully passing the test, you will be awarded a certificate of completion for the chiropractic course. This certificate is often necessary for maintaining your chiropractic licensure or for continuing education credit in your state or country.

Q: What if I encounter technical issues while taking the test?

A: If you experience any technical difficulties during the test, please contact the technical support team of the course provider immediately. They will assist you in resolving the issues and ensure a smooth testing experience.

Please note that the information provided here is subject to change, and for the most current and accurate details, we recommend visiting the specific course website or contacting the course provider's support team.

Reporting to Boards

Question: Does CCEDseminars report completed courses to CE Broker for Florida chiropractic providers?

CE Broker Logo Image

1. Are CCEDseminars' courses approved for continuing education credits in Florida?

Yes, CCEDseminars' courses are approved for continuing education credits for Florida chiropractic providers. These courses meet the requirements set forth by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine.

2. Does CCEDseminars report completed courses to CE Broker for Florida chiropractic providers?

Yes. CCEDseminars reports completed course information to CE Broker by the 15th of each month for courses completed during the prior month. Your Florida state professional license number must be listed correctly on your registration page in order for your completed courses to be reported to CE Broker.

6. How do I ensure my completed courses are reported to CE Broker?

To ensure that your completed courses are reported to CE Broker, make sure to provide your correct Florida state professional license number during the registration process for CCEDseminars' courses. Double-check the accuracy of this information to avoid any reporting discrepancies.

Question: What are the reporting requirements for my state?

Answer: Please contact your state/national board for your reporting requirements.

Resolution to Common Problems

Question: Why am I having trouble logging in? The site won't seem to accept my username or password?

Answer: There are several things that you need to check. We will work through them in order.

Start by clicking on the "forgot password" link which is found next to the login button at the bottom of the page.

Then, check your email for new password. refresh your home page and login with email and new password. Once logged in, you can change your password to what ever you like.

  • STILL HAVING TROUBLE? Click on the contact us link and email us for help. We will review your account and email you your username and password.
Question: What happens if I have to stop taking an online course, or I get disconnected from my internet service provider before I finish taking the course?

Answer: When you log back into the site, the course is listed on your Personal Homepage. Click on the course. Once the course comes up you can advance the course to where you left off.


Question: What type of security does your site use to ensure my personal information like my social security number and credit card number is secure?

Answer: We have secure pages for that information known as SSL technology, which stands for secure sockets layer. Furthermore, we do not store credit card information on the site, offering greater security.


What do I do if I need technical support for online chiropractic CE or Chiropractic webinar / teleseminar?

Technical Support for CCEDSeminars online chiropractic CE courses and webinarsCCEDseminars | Premiere Customer Service For All Your Online Chiropractic CE Needs!

If you require technical assistance with our online chiropractic CE courses or chiropractic webinars/teleseminars, we've got you covered. Here's what you need to do:

Option 1: 

Click on the "Contact Us" link located in the top navigation bar on our website.

Option 2: 

If you are currently participating in an online chiropractic webinar/teleseminar and need immediate support, please call our dedicated technical support hotline at 903-243-3372.

When reaching out for technical support, make sure to include the following information:

  1. Your Full Name: Provide your complete name so we can address you properly.
  2. Phone Number: Include your contact number, so we can get back to you if needed.
  3. E-mail: Share your email address for correspondence purposes.
  4. Specifics of the Problem: Clearly explain the technical issue you are facing. The more details, the better we can assist you.
  5. For Recorded Courses: If the problem is related to a particular recorded online chiropractic course, mention the name of the course and specify the section you are currently on.

Rest assured, our technical support team is highly responsive and continuously monitors the support queue. We will do our best to provide a timely response and help you resolve any technical challenges you may encounter during your online chiropractic CE experience.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact us through the provided channels. We are here to ensure you have a smooth and enriching learning experience with our chiropractic courses and webinars.

User Administration

Question: How can I update or change my registration information?

Answer: Login and you can update anything in your registration EXCEPT username.

Question: How can I change my username?

Due to our programming, you cannot change your Username.

Question: How do I obtain my certificate of completion?

Answer: Login and on your Personal Home Page, Click on Print Certificates.

Question: How do I review my completed online CE courses?

Answer: Login and on your Personal Home Page, Click on Completed Courses. Find the Course you want to review and click the course title.