Dr Horne, thank you for providing the best Chiropractic Online CE hours through CCEDSeminars. Not only can I get my Chiropractic CE hours in the comfort of my own home or office but by far the best info and instructors. Thanks for making me a better Doctor of Chiropractic. I'm always impressed with what is presented. Keep up the great service to our great profession. Love the X-ray and neurology presentations. 

- Rob Rosenbaum, DC

Online Chiropractic CETaking Chiropractic CE Is So Convenient!

Dear Dr. Horne,
I am very pleased to write a glowing testimonial for your Case Studies Chiropractic CEU courses. I've taken them the past two years and have been extremely happy with both the course content and presentation. I'm one of those people who want to get at least what I pay for when I go to a Chiropractic CEU program. I got more than I paid for with you guys. This is the kind of chiropractic course I feel anyone could benefit greatly from and, quite frankly, feel the vast majority of practicing DCs SHOULD take. We all get a little stagnant in our day-to-day practices and it never grows old to learn new things or renew our knowledge about things we might have learned at one time but have forgotten. Quite frankly, since attending your Chiropractic CEU Courses they're the only Chiropractic CEU Courses I want to take. I even have hours elsewhere. I just like the way you and your wife bring the life to the chiropractic courses… Keep up the great work.
- Barry L. Hughes, DC

Online Chiropractic Continuing Education CoursesCCEDSeminars Has The Chiro CE You Need!

Dr. Horne delivers up to date clinically relevant material in an informal, didactic and professional manner. His chiropractic seminars, in my experience, are always well attended and you always learn something new or a different approach and perspective. He encourages doctor interaction and every chiropractic seminar we always have great chiropractic sparring. You may take his classes on Ethics but somehow we also get around to latest Techniques and Clinical Differential Diagnosis. The learning takes place in nice conference rooms where you are well provided for.
- Kristian Duckert, DC (PCC, May 1997)
 Herlev, Denmark

Online Chiropractic ClassesOnline Chiropractic CE Rocks!

I have completed my chiropractic continuing education requirements with Dr. Horne and Betty Jo for the last two years. The convenience of completing requirements and gaining knowledge without having to leave my practice to travel has been priceless. Thank you Dr. Horne!
- Dr. M. Castro, D.C.
 Castro Chiropractic Centers, P.A.

Chiropractic Continuing Education CoursesChiro CE From Home, Office Or On The Go!

Dr. Horne's chiropractic seminars are exactly what you want in a Continuing Chiropractic Education. His lectures teach you new ideas that keep you and your practice ahead of the game. He also keeps you informed about changes in the laws so you can avoid risky mistakes. I have recommended all of my colleagues to Dr. Horne.
- Reon Bailey, DC