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Alabama Chiropractic Online Education Guidelines

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Alabama Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements: 

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Welcome to CCEDseminars, your dedicated source for Online Chiropractic CE Courses tailored to meet Alabama's CE requirements. We offer 18 hours of comprehensive continuing education per fiscal year, meticulously designed to comply with the Alabama Board's standards. Among these, we highlight 8 hours of Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Courses approved by the Board, encompassing 6 hours of foundational knowledge plus an additional 2 hours focusing on Alabama Laws and Board Rules.

Exclusive Special Requirements for Alabama Chiropractic Professionals

Adherence to Alabama Chiropractic Law and Board Rules is non-negotiable. As a committed chiropractic practitioner, dedicate two hours annually to these pivotal subjects. New licensees are obliged to complete an initial four-hour course to meet the first license renewal criteria and subsequently two hours per year. Non-Licensed Practice Permit holders are equally mandated to pursue two hours in Alabama Law annually. Discover a wealth of online learning opportunities!

Your Gateway to Alabama Chiropractic Excellence

At CCEDseminars, we take immense pride in providing the most extensive selection of FCLB Approved PACE Online Chiropractic CE Courses. Each course is aligned with the Alabama Board of Chiropractic's regulations, ensuring you receive only the highest quality education. Course approvals are transparently presented for your convenience and compliance.

Guidance for New Licensees in Alabama

New to the chiropractic field? It's imperative to complete four hours of Board-approved chiropractic CE, focusing on regulation and compliance with the Alabama Chiropractic Practice Act. This educational investment is vital for your license renewal after the first year. Graduates from a CCE-recognized chiropractic college may fulfill the 18-hour CE requirement at their alma mater, excluding the mandatory hours on regulation and compliance.

Effortless CE Reporting

We've simplified your CE reporting process. Submit your Chiropractic CE Certificates of Completion to the Alabama Board with ease, fulfilling your educational obligations without hassle.

Stay Informed on Alabama Chiropractic CE Requirements

It's essential to stay abreast of the latest requirements for Alabama Chiropractic Continuing Education, which are subject to updates. We pledge to provide current information, assisting you in keeping up with any changes.

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Expand your knowledge and skills with CCEDseminars. Our global presence ensures you have access to premier chiropractic education from anywhere.

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(Updated 01/12/2024).


Alabama Chiropractic Online Continuing Education Courses

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